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Pegasi charges actual shipping fees set by the USPS (or Stamps.com), plus a small upcharge to cover shipping expenses (padded mailers, printing labels, etc.) We do not use shipping fees as a profit generator for the company.

The shipping fees will be determined by the total invoice amount, weight, and destination. To see the current shipping rates which apply to your country, please click on the links below:

Domestic Shipping (Shipping sent from a US address to another US address, including APOs and other US territories) CLICK HERE

International Shipping (Shipping sent from a US address to all foreign addresses) CLICK HERE

*The prices quoted above are for small envelopes.  These rates do not apply to larger envelopes or antiquities.


All packages will be sent insured by USPS whenever possible.  Other methods of shipment may be arranged.  We recommend Registered mailing for large value USA shipments and foreign shipments.

Foreign Shipments:  Registered mail is the safest choice but the insurance coverage is limited from the the USPS so we have arranged for private insurance coverage for larger amounts.  Normally we will quote Registered mailing on the invoice for International packages, but you may contact us for other shipment choices.  We can usually get larger insurance coverage by using express services by the USPS although these can be costly. 

Items sent to foreign locations not covered by purchased insurance are sent at the buyer’s risk.  We recommend against using uninsured services.  If an under-insured package is lost we will do all that is possible to recover the package, but we will limit your refund to the amount covered and paid by the insurance you purchased. 

Pegasi is not responsible for any taxes or duties added by other countries’ Customs offices. Please inquire with your local officials to determine what fees may apply. Pegasi will not edit or “doctor” your invoice to appear as if the merchandise is cheaper than the actual hammer price. Please do not ask us to do this as it is against the law and could incur steep fines and penalties.

Additional shipping options are available if you don’t wish to use the USPS. Shipping can be provided through: UPS, DHL, or Fed Ex. Please inquire for rates which are usually significantly higher.

All shipping fees are subject to change as the USPS is constantly changing their rates. Every effort will be made to quickly update our shipping rates to coincide with the USPS increases.