Thursday, May 30, 2024 6:42 pm EST


General Terms

This is a Buy or Bid sale conducted by Pegasi Auctions on behalf of itself and as an agent for various consignors. We have teamed up with Agora Auctions to provide online, interactive bidding for this sale. Register early and enter your bids and buys directly on www.agoraauctions.com/pegasi (Agora) for the best service. You also access the sale from our website (www.PegasiOnline.com). We will continue to accept bids and buy orders offline for customers who prefer those methods, but we encourage you to bid directly on Agora so you can be interactive


Buy or Bid Description

The Buy option: All the items are available for immediate purchase at the listed prices. You need not wait until the auction closes to order and receive the lot. You may buy a coin on Agora using the “BUY" button associated with the lot. The buy price represents a good value and many items sell immediately for this price. Do not be afraid to buy a lot outright; if you are seriously interested this is your best option. There is no risk of losing the lot to an over-bidder (however all items are offered subject to prior sale; the first BUY order registered on the Agora website wins the lot).


The Bid option: The bid option gives you the ability to obtain the lot for less than the buy price. Lots not already sold though the BUY option will close on Agora on March 19th starting at Noon. Bids (including secret maximum proxy bids) can be entered on Agora at any time before the close of the lot. Agora will increment your bid from the starting bid up to your secret maximum bid in response to bids made by other bidders. Agora will obtain the lot as cheaply as possible using increments of about 5%. If you are outbid, Agora will notify you by email. Agora will list the current bid and the leading bidder for each lot in real time


General Terms of Sale

1.      All of the coins offered for sale in this catalog are guaranteed to be genuine. All dating and attributions are based on current numismatic and archaeological theory. Lots may be returned for any reason within 15 days.

2.      This sale is conducted online at www.AgoraAuctions.com/Pegasi. Bidding directly on Agora is encouraged. The sale closes on Agora starting at Noon Feb. 21. Last time for offline bids is Feb. 20 at 2 PM.

3.      Lots will immediately sell to the first person entering a BUY order on Agora.

4.      If the lot does not sell outright, the bidder placing the highest acceptable bid will win the lot.

5.      In the printed catalog, the description of each lot ends with the Buy Price in brackets, followed by the minimum bid, thus:  Buy {$350.]  $250.  Bids will not be accepted below the minimum bid.

6.      The current high bid and leading bidder is displayed on Agora. Agora will increment a proxy bid from the starting bid up to the secret maximum bid in response to bids made by other bidders. Agora will obtain the lot as cheaply as possible.

7.      When the auction is concluded for all lots, we will email an invoice for the lots won. If you placed your bid offline, we will send your invoice by normal mail.

8.      A 15% buyers fee is added to each lot.

9.      Bidders must pay all postage and insurance charges associated with delivery of the lots. Custom duty and compliance are the responsibility of the bidder.

10.   Lots will be delivered after cleared payment is received.

11.   All prices quoted and bids submitted must be for USD funds in hand. Payment may be made with checks in US dollars drawn on a USA bank, USD postal money order, MasterCard, VISA, US dollar cash, wire transfer, or PayPal.

12.   Send offline bids to: Pegasi Numismatics, PO Box 131040, Ann Arbor, MI 48113, USA. Phone: (734) 995-5743. Fax: (734) 995-3410. Email: Office@PegasiOnline.com