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Due to the amount of time needed to prepare the packages and deliver them to the post office, as well as the limited time of our staff, Agora Auctions only ships packages when there are more than 15 shipments that need to go out.  This averages about every other week but sometimes will be longer. Packages ship more timely in the week after an auction closes. There may also be delays in shipping during the holidays to avoid the potential for loss or theft.  

Agora Auctions charges actual shipping fees set by Stamps.com, plus a small upcharge to cover shipping expenses (insurance, padded mailers, printing labels, etc.) We do not use shipping fees as a profit generator for the company.

NOTE: Any package being shipped internationally with a value in excess of $500 must be shipped via Priority Mail or Express Mail (Registered Mail is no longer available from the US Postal Service for most international destinations). We generally also require that any package shipped within the United States with a value over $1,000 be shipped via Express Mail or FedEx as well. If you would like something done differently please contact us to ensure that we are ok with this. 

The shipping fees will be determined by the total invoice amount, weight, and destination. To see the current shipping rates which apply to your country, please click on the links below:

Domestic Shipping (Shipping sent from a US address to another US address, including APOs and other US territories) CLICK HERE

International Shipping (Shipping sent from a US address to all foreign addresses) CLICK HERE

The USPS gives special discounts on international shipping from the US to Canada and Mexico. To view these rates CLICK HERE

*The prices quoted above are for 000 sized bubble mailers.  These rates do not apply to books and larger items.


All packages will be sent insured by Stamps.com, insurance is not optional. This helps us in the event of loss or fraud, and creates a tracking number which is useful in the event of a missing package. Registered Mail is optional but is highly recommended for the following countries: Greece, India, Italy, Pakistan, Russia (and other former Soviet countries) and Brazil. Shipping via any method besides Registered Mail to these countries is at buyers risk.

Most antiquities are shipped by the consignor(s) and will incur an additional expense. There may be a day’s delay in sending the invoice due to communication time with the consignors.

Agora Auctions is not responsible for any taxes or duties added by other countries’ Customs offices. Please inquire with your local officials to determine what fees may apply. Agora Auctions will not edit or “doctor” your invoice to appear as if the merchandise is cheaper than the actual hammer price. Please do not ask us to do this as it is against the law and could incur steep fines and penalties.

Additional shipping options are available if you don’t wish to use the USPS. Shipping can be provided through: UPS, DHL, or Fed Ex. Please inquire for rates.

All shipping fees are subject to change as the USPS is constantly changing their rates. Every effort will be made to quickly update our shipping rates to coincide with the USPS increases.